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Internship        Requirements

  • Each Intern is required to complete an Forerunner School application with all payments being finalized on the start of the Internship (Internship Cost: $75).

  • Strict attendance is required for the 12 weeks. We allow for only 2 excused absences for the Internship. For those missing more than 2 week you will be required to re-enroll for the following semester in order to be eligible for completion and for a Missionary Staff Position.

    • Each student is required to arrive to class on time. Each student will be given an allotted total of 3 tardies for the 12 weeks. 3 tardies will incur an absence for the semester Internship.

  • Each Intern will be required to complete the Sacred Trust pledge and fulfill a minimum of 2 hours weekly in the Prayer Room.

  • We do not allow anyone to smoke or consume any tobacco products in or near our Missions Base. In order to join an IHOP-Miami staff designation the use of tobacco products cannot be a part of your lifestyle.

  • Upon completion of the Forerunner Internship, students will be eligible to join our staff as well as begin to fund raise as an Intercessory (Prayer) Missionary. Each graduating Intern will also be eligible for one of the three (3) tracks of ongoing training: Ministry -- Music – Missions.

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