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"Given to the fasted lifestyle & calling a generation to the same"


Our Forerunner School exists for the purpose of calling the Body of Christ to the urgency of the hour and for preparing Intercessory (Prayer) Missionaries who, like John the Baptist, live a lifestyle of discipline and devotion to God.



As forerunner messengers, their lives and voices cry out, “Prepare the way of the Lord!". We invite you to join us as we set our hearts to love God, worship Him alone, and dedicate our lives to serving Him without reservation; to demonstrate our love for others in works of service, justice, outreach, and compassion; proclaiming Jesus' return.

First Year Internship - $75

1. Foundations of Intercession (6 weeks)


This course focuses on ushering in revival through prayer, and studying the lives of great biblical and historical intercessors and how they changed history through the power of prayer. The Church must understand the urgency of the hour and the great need for a people of prayer to emerge. We are called to equip believers in the privilege of praying for God's will to be done on earth.



 2. First Commandment Studies (6 weeks)

Matthew 22 clearly reveals God’s desire: that we might respond to Him with love. He longs for our lives to be given fully to Him, that He might empower us to live holy lives from the inside out, in our affections, thoughts, and words. God is preparing for Himself a pure and spotless… Bride who will call the nations back to the first and great commandment: “You shall love the LORD . . . with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. This is the first and great commandment.” – Mt. 22:35-38.”


3. End-Times Studies (6 weeks)

The Omega Course is an in-depth look at Biblical prophecies. It is about more than information. It’s about preparing the worldwide Church for what the Bible promises will be its most glorious hour; Omega is part of preparing people to be ready.


4. Sermon On the Mount Lifestyle (6 weeks)

When Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, the people had never heard anyone speak like this. The crowd was shocked at His teaching and authority. Jesus was declaring to all of humanity how Heaven & Earth are to participate together in establishing the Father’s will. This course is a prophetic call that examines the culture of the kingdom of God as compared with the culture of the Western church. We are in great need of seeing the truths of the Sermon on the Mount restored to the Western church.

5,  Intro to IHOP-Miami:

• Week #1- “Vision & Values of IHOP-Miami”

• Week #2- “Spiritual Gifts Inventory & Personality Assessment”

• Week #3- “Discovering Your Place For Ministry”

      • We schedule 3 Sundays for lunch and 45 minutes of teaching and discussion.


Weekend Intensives (1 st Semester Internship Requirements):

(The Intensive weekends are included to those taking the full Internship.)

1. “Prayer Room Practicum” COST: $10 

2. “Practical’s For Becoming a Singing Community” COST: $10

Course Offerings

Second Year Electives

1. Partnership Development (6 weeks) - $25

Did you know…80% of missionaries raise their own financial support? Support-raising can take less than 12 months…if done intentionally and appropriately. The Great Commission does not belong to the missionary alone; it belongs to the Body of Christ. In both the Old and New Testament is a substantial culture of partnership–the family of God rallying around the workers and making them available to do P a g e | 3 the work of God. This course will be a practical “how-to” lesson in building your own ministry team to fulfill God’s calling.



2. Foundations of Night & Day Prayer and Worship (12 weeks) - $25

The Bible gives us so many glimpses into the heart and dream of God to have a dwelling and resting place on the earth with His creation. From the first Temple in Eden’s garden, the mountain w/ Moses, Moses’ tabernacle tent, King David and Solomon’s Temple, etc., God has always taken the initiative to meet with His people. This course gives us an in-depth look at the movement of Heaven to earth and what the Bible says about our participation in fulfilling God’s dream.


3. Book of Daniel Studies (12 weeks) - $25

How would a young God-fearing Believer in Christ Jesus respond and adapt if they were suddenly ripped from their family and homeland and forced to learn about and live in a wicked nation? This was what Daniel experienced in his young teenage years. This course takes a close look at the key seasons of Daniel’s life, ministry, and prophetic insights from God.


4. Fundamentals of Worship Music (12 weeks) - $50


This course will offer an introductory to those currently serving or interested in serving on a worship team on this missions base or in another ministry. We will offer practical and Biblical insight for:

1. General music theory

2. Sound & stage etiquette

3. Spiritual heart preparation.

5. Sound & Projection Practicum (12 weeks) - $50


This course is geared towards

1. Teaching the basic foundation of live sound reinforcement and media projection to those who are beginning their journey

2. Have already invested significant time as a musician or graphics presenter at some level, but would like to fill in gaps in their education/understanding and/or build a foundation that might have been skipped in their formative years

3. In need of honing skills required to lead other musicians more effectively in a live setting or recording session.


This course will teach skills, terms and principles that are immediately applicable. An understanding of the building blocks of live sound and media projection will give one more confidence behind the mixing console, on-stage or in studio and during a live service and allow one to communicate more effectively with other musicians and engineers. Lastly, this entry level course will leave the door open for further growth and skill building.

6. Vision For the Great Commission (8 weeks class followed by Missions Trip*) - $25


After Jesus assessed the many needs of people in His day and was moved with compassion, Jesus instructed His disciples to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into the harvest field knowing that He could not do it all on His own (Mt. 9:37-38). This course is a practical attempt to cast vision and ignite a fire in the hearts of God’s people for the great need around us. This course will also culminate in a group Missions Trip.*

7. Heaven, Hell, & the Age to Come (6 weeks) - $25


Many Believers in Jesus think so little about Heaven because there is so little Biblical understanding of Heaven, Hell, & the Age to come. Much of our church culture focusses only on the here and now and leaves the eternal truths to lessons to be discovered after Jesus returns. Our desire in this course is to cast a clear and vivid Biblical description of Heaven & Hell so that we invite many to join us and warn others from forfeiting salvation in Jesus and facing an eternal real Hell.

*Missions trip is not included in cost of course

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