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Judah House of Prayer Is Being Launched

Hello Family and Friends,

This is an exciting announcement and a celebration of God's faithfulness to fulfill His dreams, visions, and prophecies. During a conference weekend in 2014 with my good friend George Sotolongo, we received a very affirming and powerful prophetic word from the Lord concerning the future direction and vision of IHOP-Miami. God was giving us an indication of what fathering a movement would reproduce in the months and years ahead. Here is a portion of this very detailed prophecy:

  • "...There is an International ministry on his (David) life that creates frustration as he is pastoring a flock. But God is preparing him for International ministry. It begins in the Caribbean and beyond. Remind him not to get frustrated with the small beginnings, for this too shall pass. His flock is precious to the Lord and is precious to David and his wife. He has a mantle for fathering and God is increasing his horizon. He will raise up International Evangelists that breathe fire. From Miami to Cuba to Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico to Haiti and beyond." (November 16, 2014)

As I look back to this 2014 prophetic word, it is as if God has been preparing us for this season now. We have continued to pray into this word and have been asking the Lord to establish His house of prayer in the Caribbean and the nations. In the last couple of years, God has been speaking to the hearts of many leaders in the Caribbean about establishing worship and prayer communities. God began speaking to our friends Enrique and Lidia (Lilly) Terrero back in 2021 about the prayer movement and more specifically about starting a House of Prayer in their home city of San Francisco, Dominican Republic. As a result, with much preparation, hard work, favor, and supernatural provision from the Lord, Enrique and Lilly are launching the JUDAH HOUSE OF PRAYER on Saturday, July 9, 2022. I will be traveling with some friends and staff from IHOP-Miami to participate in this official inauguration and celebration weekend. God is building His house of prayer in the Caribbean. God is now increasing His apostolic anointing and grace on my heart and on the International of Prayer-Miami family to build and advance the Fathers' dreams in the nations, specifically into the Caribbean and into Central America. Join me in praying for Christ is to receive the full reward of His sufferings by awakening a worshiping people in the nations. Hallelujah!!!

David Futrell


Prayer Missionary

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