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Night & Day Worship to Jesus in Miami?

Hello my Friends,

Happy 2022! We are walking forward with the Lord into the days ahead with fresh zeal and fire for the Lords visitation in these days. As many of you know, we are participating in a 40 day corporate fast (day 6 of 40), seeking the Lord for His wisdom, grace, and supernatural resource in building His house of prayer in Miami. I am being convinced once again of the privilege of giving God a continual heart-response of worship and prayer while also a necessity of establishing a night & day context where God Himself rests and responds to a people who continually are seeking Him. It is in this context that God reveals His beauty and releases His power and authority in and through His people. I believe that from this place, we will see an unprecedented transformation of hearts, laws and direction of our government, and the influence to the rest of the world to reflect the fame and beauty of Jesus. This is at the heart of the pursuit of David’s Tabernacle of worship and prayer in our city.

Let me take a couple of minutes to share my heart as the Lord is speaking to me:



David Futrell


Prayer Missionary

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