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It is official! Casa de Oracion (Judah House of Prayer) has started gathering for prayer, worship, teaching, and uniting with the Body of Christ. Enrique and Lilly Terrero are true Champions of Faith and humble servants and leaders for the Body of Christ. We are so exited to see this new work start.

Thank you for those who prayed for me and Elio Coradin as we traveled to Dominican Republic. Also, thank you for those who gave financially to assist us in this important trip.

While in San Francisco De Mācoris, Dominican Republic, we experienced an amazing grace over the Body of Christ for gathering together in unity to hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to His Church. Enrique and Lilly invited friends, family, and many Pastors for this inauguration weekend. There were almost 20 different Pastors and leaders from across D.R. who attended to celebrate this new house of prayer launch. We had a powerful time of unified worship and prayer through the weekend.

  • Friday night, we shared a message with the Judah House of Prayer leadership team and spiritual family.

  • Saturday night, we worshipped together with a couple of worship teams from other ministries and then taught a message from Zechariah 4. It served as a prophetic exhortation to the Judah HOP and to the praying Church of Dominican Republic to never despised what seems small and weak before men. God honors and anoints the small and hidden work of obedience before Him. We also exhorted those gathered to remember that the only way to accomplish the work of God in the days ahead will be by His supernatural work of grace in and through us.

  • On Sunday morning, we were privileged to deliver God’s Word to another Church family in Santo Domingo, D.R. from Revelation 3:7-8 speaking of the open door of Heaven for God’s people. We reminded and declared that every church family gathering of 2 or 3 or more must see themselves as the Father’s House of Prayer on behalf of their community and region. This will be the way God sustains His children through the difficult days ahead. We will overcome by accessing the open door of Heaven regularly.

  • On Sunday night, we worshipped together and delivered a message from Psalm 133, speaking about the power of corporate unity. God is moved by our humility and meekness to gather together with our spiritual family so much that He commands His river of spiritual life to flow in the midst of that people.

  • RECAP VIDEO…(compliments of Casa De Oracion Team)

We are so excited for the work ahead for Casa De Oracion Judah as they continue to minister to Jesus with worship and prayer. We also have great hope and faith that God is going to position this House of Prayer family to serve the extended praying Church in Dominican Republic and the Caribbean in training and teaching and sending out to other cities and nations. Continue to pray for our friends as we all celebrate what the Lord has started. Amen!

David Futrell


Prayer Missionary

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