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Weekly Biblical Meditation & Prayer


Hello Friends,

I want to personally invite you to join me weekly in Biblical Meditation and personal prayer reflect from our Prayer Room at the International House of Prayer-Miami. We will also be offering a private Zoom link for those who register to join. My goal is to get others in the habit of personal focused listening and leaning into the conversations in Heaven. God desires to speak to us, to reveal the beauty of Christ Jesus, and to impart that beauty to us by the Person of Holy Spirit. I believe from personal experience that your heart will come alive as never before in love for Jesus and His scriptures. This is not a Bible Study per se but a direct conversation with Holy Spirit, the greatest Teacher of all, who loves to tell us of the mysteries of the God of Heaven and all of Creation.

Join us weekly, either in person or by Zoom as we take God's Word and: READ IT, WRITE IT, SAY IT, SING IT, and PRAY IT back to Jesus.

Preparing For the Return of Christ,

David Futrell


Prayer Missionary

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