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Why Am I Going To Atlanta?

It has been 14 years of serving the Lord in the House of Prayer here in Miami and serving as the Founder and Executive Director of this Prayer Room and Church Community. After such a long time of labor and pouring myself out before the Lord and into the lives of others, I have recognized my personal need for reflecting and retooling in the 'Why' behind the 'What' for our corporate assignment in the Lord for our region. This is a personal leadership need to continue learning and growing. This is not a change in our direction and assignment from the Lord. IHOP-Miami's corporate ministry assignment from the Lord remains the same: "Giving ourselves to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting and calling our generation to the same"...and making disciples from the context of a continual prayer sanctuary of worship with intercession in the spirit of the tabernacle of David" (1 Chr. 23:5; 25:7).

So what's my plan? I have been given the opportunity to visit Gate City Church (formerly International House of Prayer-Atlanta) and participate in their 24/7 prayer room, meet with various leadership teams, review their administrative and operational procedures, etc. I am also interested in learning more about their history in the Lord over 16 years of 24/7 worship and prayer while also shepherding a church family, and also reproducing themselves in other nations in those years.

So here are the details:

  • WHEN: April 18 to 22, 2022

  • HOW: I am flying up to Atlanta and then renting a car and housing for the week.

  • WHO: I am traveling up with a couple of our IHOP-Miami Staff who will also be meeting w/ various leadership teams to learn from the Gate City Community.

  • WHY: Our goal is to make this visit primarily a learning time to help strengthen the vision and procedures for night & day prayer in Miami. Our secondary goal is to continue building friendships with others of similar calling and assignment in our generation.

  • YOUR SUPPORT: I am sharing this with you all and asking you pray for me and this trip. I am also praying for others who feel prompted by the Lord to help sponsor this trip. I estimate that it will cost around $800. If you feel led of the Lord to support my leadership/training trip, CLICK HERE and designate to my name at the bottom of the giving tab.

I sincerely thank you all for your prayer for me and my family in this Prayer Missionary calling.

David Futrell

Prayer Missionary


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